OneVision Corporation
Measurement Excellence

Flange Width Gauge

Robuctly built and easy to use the OneVision Flange Width gauge will measure cans from 50mm to 153mm

Countersink Gauge

Measure your countersink with this high quality gauge. plug in to your multiplexer or use the SeamMate system to collect your data. ideal to measure the countersink before the section is made

MultiVision - More views of your Can

The latest innovation to the OneVision product line - MultiVision is unique in delivering all the parameters that need to be measured in one scan. tested for it's reliabilty and repeatabilty it is World Class. For all can making applications up to 153mm diameter and 300mm height as standard. Whether you need to measure the can durin gthe process or at Factory Finished state this is an invaluable system to save time, be trustworthy and there save costs.

SeamMate System

Seam Stripper

SeaMate is a system of modules which can start from the most basic system and can be expanded to be the most sophisticated. it comes complete with a computer, software and multiplexer the vision system can be added as with SPC

OneVision's industry leading seam stripper is built for purpose. Rugged and precise it is designed for food, beverage and aerosol. the cutting tools have exellent durability and easy to replace giving good value.

The interchangeable cutting heads mean that a format change takes a couple of minutes. The polycarbonate guards protects the user from any flying matter and the controls keep fingers out of harms way.