OneVision Corporation
Measurement Excellence


 OneVision has developed a monitoring system called SeamVision. This monitors all the results from the seaming heads and displays them on a remote screen indicating with colours the state of your process remotely to YOUR desktop.

Clear Reports

SeamMate produces a clear report after each check is completed. The Data is stored for easy access and sent over to the SPC system.

SeamMate - Double Seam Analysis


The SeamMate system has been in use in Can Plants all over the World for over 15 years. It has been developed with customers into a sophisticated measuring system with World class detection for it's video seam analyser. The system is made up of an external Countersink and Thickness gauge and then a section analysis for the other parameters. The seam saw cuts a section which can be viewed via the SeamMate optics on the screen of the system's computer. The system detects the critical parameters and displays them on the image; colour coded for in spec or out of spec. once the section measurements are complete then the cover hook is removed using the seam stripper. The oneVision seam stripper can remove the cover hook from the measured can giving more reslistic results for Tightness as they are linked to the sectioned seam.