OneVision Corporation

Measurement Excellence


We always work closely with our users to be certain that every user gets superb benefits from systems that are manufactured and installed by OneVision.  

OneVision provides precision measuring systems that include gauges and easy-to-use software that controls your gauges, records and interprets key measurements, helping you control your process.

The company's growing product range includes precision measurements for can manufacturers, including double seam measurement systems,  as well as neck dimensions, beads, flanges, diameters, heights, body blanks and more.  One Vision has continued to develop the optical technologies and software, adding more measurement capabilities to help can fillers and can makers improve product quality. The latest addition to the product range is the MultiVision™ optical scanning gauge, which rapidly provides precision measurements of can samples without destroying them.

OneVision engineers have recently added SeamView™, its Auto Alert™ software system, creating a software process monitor that helps maintenance technicians and operators quickly diagnose double seam problems.  SeamView™ uses a red, amber, green system to display a problem with a double seamer.  This display is powerful and intuitive – when you point and click or touch the screen, it will immediately display an image of the double seam that has triggered this caution.

One Vision continues to expand with new sales and service offices in the UK, and other markets including South America, Central America and Europe.

Neil Morris , President OneVision Corporation.